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“Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase”
Charles Caleb Colton

After going through several definitions that defined the term “Corruption” I wholly solely got the idea that it’s just not the problem or menace that our system is being through but it’s the result which is oriented by combining couple of psychological effects that a human mind absorb or adopt from the surroundings. Well if we just look at the technical definition that I found through a search engine widely used is that its:
“In philosophicaltheological, or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. In economy, corruption is payment for services or material which the recipient is not due, under law. This may be called briberykickback, or, in the Middle East, baksheesh. In government it is when an elected representative makes decisions that are influenced by vested interest rather than their own personal or party ideological beliefs” (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) 
Now here we will notice two portions in this definition, the first portion is about moral values that become the victim of the dishonesty going on around while the other part of the definition defines the unethical forms in which it has been practiced. If we notice then the earlier part is the core of the trouble, our behavior has been so much used to the unfair and injustice that not a single person is being safe from the disease of corruption here. Everyone is involved in some or the other way because if any person receiving bribery for a task is corrupt then the person offering it, is also a part of the crime being committed.
The globe of earth bearing the total population of (according to July 2011 estimate) 6,928,198,253 in which the top ten most populous countries (in millions) include China 1,336.72; India 1,189.17; United States 313.23; Indonesia 245.61; Brazil 203.43; Pakistan 187.34; Bangladesh 158.57; Nigeria 155.22; Russia 138.74; Japan 126.48.

Now talking about the corruption ratio then it says that in Pakistan its percentage is widespread, systematic, and that it is ingrained at all levels of government. A World Bank report containing an assessment of the Pakistan’s Infrastructure Capacity (PICA) dated February 2008 states that 15% of Pakistan’s Development budget for 2007-08 was lost in the procurement process alone due to corruption.
When I further went to research more about the ratio of this hazardous virus spreading around then  I came across the part where it has been divided into sectors in which it is practiced frequently and they were numbered may be because of the highest ratio wise. However I will start from the sector which I suppose is the most sensitive one that has the roots any state would be standing upon i.e. EDUCATION. Education is the key which opens the wide doors of development towards bright futures; it provides an environment where one has the flexibility to broad up their minds and understand the real purpose of being made as Humans by our creator, to save and secure rights  towards themselves and others around them. Waoo!! my country Pakistan stands on the 6th rank as to be most populous, this would have been more excited for me if I had seen her standing 6th in the list of countries to be top ten in their literacy rate, unfortunately that list include The Islamic republic of Pakistan to be on the 102nd position out of 123 countries having 58.2% of literacy rate.

As of 2010, 24% of those surveyed reported that they themselves or a family member received educational admission through non-normal. The country’s biggest issue is presence of non uniform educational system. On one hand there are institutions modeled on western educational system; this system is run by private sector educational institutes that charge fees a ordinary citizen cannot afford. So essentially these institutes are utilized by the elite class (Politicians, Technocrats, Bureaucrats, Business class) .The same is also the reason for deteriorating standards of Public Sector educational institutes. As the elite class only enroll their children in private schools modeled on western institutes.

Then there are Government run public schools that face increasing challenges and due to incompetence of consecutive Governments has only accelerated the rate of their decline. Lack of funding, Elite class non utilization, Poor Governance , Under qualified Faculty are some of the reasons for their falling standards. Corruption in education sector is not a novice in Pakistan. Embezzlement of funds , Thousands of ghost schools ( those that only exist in papers), taking bribe to sell confidential material to candidates, Poor utilization of funds, Educational Ministry run by illiterate politicians that lack vision for education.

An American philosopher and psychologist and an educational reformer John Dewey once said: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”, he is absolutely right and if this life is not available for the people then they do not live longer or mark any name for the generations to come before them. Its 2012 and the globe is not just a spherical structure any more it is rather now called as Global Village, currently Pakistan’s budget provides 2% to the education sector out of the total GDP announced for the year 2012. 2% allocated to the part which is considered life for the people is just surprising enough to be moving further to know more about this sector, anyhow the authorities of the state are well aware of the importance Education has in any individual life today and with less accomplishments which are of no use to the students especially who are unable to afford the expenses which the system demands if one wants to be called a degree holder in a country like Pakistan.

Moreover the rising number of the educational institutions termed as Ghost Schools is a crucial matter of concern because the areas which consist of these good for nothing institutes are gulping a large amount from the 2% owed for Education by the government. It comprises mainly of the withdrawal of extra monthly pay, salaries of ghost teachers, unauthorized provident funds and pension on retirement drawn multiple times and the illegal appointment of teachers through bribery in connivance with treasury officials. After that we are left with the option of heading towards the private institutions whose buildings are too tall that a person with average income cannot even think of sending their children in there, for getting a standard knowledge and playing a vital and positive role towards society. 
Politicians once in every five years throw up an attractive plan to grab the attention of the nation who truly has the thirst for knowledge as compare to past now, this is mostly the time when their election campaigns are at its peak. I am not denying that the state of Pakistan has never ever built educated and knowledgeable names and I also agree that opportunities are there for the people who knows how to struggle to still be survived even  if the helping hands are not there for them; but the governing authorities should have this alarm being rang in their minds now that Education is utmost requirement to remove the menaces like poverty and corruption.

If we will have the deserving persons as in the leading establishment who would have sound knowledge of the departments they are working in, then the country would automatically direct towards the right path and there would not be any vacuum left for Corruption to be happened. My suggestion is to select the right and deserving candidate for the right job on pure merit for any task being performed and of course for that the procedure starts from the slogan “Providing education for all, the only condition is that one should have true thirst to gain it”, in my view as a student living in the state of Pakistan I have this vision that if Education sector became an appropriate and well managed systemized pillar supporting the nation to stand as an independent and developed country amongst the other states then there is absolutely not a single percent doubt left that we can manage easily to get out from the solemn  and dangerous crisis we are suffering from today as Frederick the Great said once : “Educated people can be easily governed”.

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