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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Take a Leap!

“Ignorance is a menace to peace”
Paul Harris
Well said by Sir Paul, in this blog I will be trying the same and that is to highlight the menace which our society has unfortunately been into, which is brutally paralyzing it inside by weakening each and every asset we are left with. The very main reason is that sincerity for any task makes it pure and fair to work for the surrounding but if this sincerity is messed up with the dirty attempt of spreading manipulation through it then it leads the nation towards a killing germ called “Corruption”. So the theme of the blog would be focusing upon the issues which are raised in the society due to corruption, my efforts would be to come up with some solutions as well and moreover I will love to hear from the readers about how they experience the corruption around them so that we can also include what our readers have been into when they observed a situation which made them left with the thought that what expectations we should keep from the social arena where no one is fair to the other person and neither perform their tasks with complete responsibility or without any manipulation.
It’s true that despair is the greatest defeat and we should still consider that there are several reasons to believe in our nation but still getting disappointed by anyone’s annoying nature repeatedly makes the person who is tolerating the situation to react in a natural manner that is getting depressed and hopeless. Here we will also discuss how we can enlighten the candles of hope again and give some solutions to the problems around, because it’s been so long that we have been complaining but not moving towards the solution. So here we are with a concept of “TAKE A LEAP” where we would not only pin point the corruption issues but will try to dig out solutions for them as well. I Erum Inam has took an initiative to at least play my part towards the society I am living in and would start believing in the nation to whom I belong because this nation was built under the circumstances when there was misery, disappointment, depression, envy and hopelessness everywhere but the nation of Pakistan still appeared on the globe and have been in existence since 1947 Alhamdullillah.
My request to all the people living out there whether they belong to any part of the world that if you have situations around you which include menaces like corruption, poverty, disrespect, injustice etc then either being hesitant to pin point it or ignoring it because it’s not directly effecting you is not the attitude that one should bear. One should have courage to at least keep a hope that I am going to not only highlight a problem and get people’s attention towards it but also try to find a way through that, so that my society can be a better place to live in.